Frequently Asked Questions

Who really are you??

My name is Andre Soto, I'm a Creative Producer & Artrepreneur with a great passion for helping Brands, Artists and Entrepreneurs bring their visions alive!


Where are you located?

I'm located in the North Bay of Marin County but I work pretty much all over the Bay Area. The most popular areas are San Francisco, Oakland, Napa, and Sonoma.


How much do you charge? Rates?

My rates vary depending on length and type of project. I don't tend to work hourly because I don't like limiting myself or my clients' creativity to a fraction of time, if we work together we're going to get the perfect shot, regardless of how long it takes!


Ok so how much?
Rates start at $150 per set. Please Contact us for a more precise quote.


I'm a Bay Area Artist, can you shoot my Music Video?
You bet I can! Please do send me an estimate of how much your budget is for this music video so I can give you accurate pre and post production costs.


Can you direct/film my Music Video?
Yes I can help you produce and film the entire video, you tell me what you want the final product to look like and I do the rest. No editing included.


Do you work with agencies?
Yes, I do.


Can we shoot TFP? Are you open for collabs?

Because of the amount of work, preparation and time it goes into producing each shoot, collab opportunities are VERY LIMITED....but do make sure to follow us on all Social Media to stay updated with open calls ;)


How many photos will I get from our photoshoot?
As many good ones as possible.


How long till I get my pictures back?
Usually 2-5 days to get your final edits back.


Do you shoot only models?
No, I also work with a lot of entrepreneurs, families, and artists from all over the Bay Area. You can find more freelance work on my other business site below:


Do you shoot weddings?
Sorry, no weddings. 

Do you shoot events? portraits?

Yes, but please make sure to book on my business website below:

Click here to go: "Andre Soto Photography"

I have a last minute fashion show and I need a video recap. Can you make it this Saturday?

Preferably give at least 1-2 weeks in advanced but depending on my schedule we can try and work something out.


Regarding payments, what do you accept?

Cash, Checks, PayPal, Venmo and now accepting Bitcoin too!


Why choose you over everybody else?

Quality over quantity. 




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