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Afterglow ✨

Hey y'all! For today's blog I'm posting some photos from one of my last shoots in San Francisco. Model's name is 💞 Shivani and the 💄MUA was Josanna @hanieebabiee.

So this was Shivani's first ever photoshoot and I think we did pretty well considering the circumstances and the limited time we had.

Although I did get some good photos of our beautiful model, I always like to experiment and incorporate ideas that can independently create a story, an emotion.

Finally, the title for this was initially SuperModel because of how beautiful and effortless it came out but I decided to go with Afterglow, for what it feels like. 🔮

Let me know what your thoughts are on the title choice 🙃, feel free to share this post and if you have any questions/inquiries Contact me now ✍🏽

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