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How to buy Bitcoins?


Bitcoin is on the rise and everyday just keeps getting stronger!!! Today I will show you how to BUY BITCOINS straight from your phone!!! Wen you buy $100 of BTC today, both you and I will also receive $10 extra bitcoin, it may not seem much but a year from now that same $10 will be $100, its happened to me a couple times already.

1. SIGN UP FOR ACCOUNT Click link below 👇🏽 2. Put all your accurate and correct info. (This is how you’ll be able to retrieve your $$$$ and earnings, so be careful of any mistakes) 3. Click BUY then deposit at least $100 of Bitcoin (BTC) 4. Hold your Bitcoin 5. Watch it grow 6. Buy more bitcoin 7. Hold on dear life (HODL) 7. 💰 Bitcoin is the future of the digital world, remember when it was $7k worth about a month ago? Well now it’s getting closer to 14k!!! 🤑😱😱😏 No, you’re not late yet!! What are you waiting for?! 40k?

Click link below 👇🏽

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