• Andre Soto

Looking for Love

Hii!! It's been so long since our last blog post, today I'll be sharing some photos from one of my latest test shoots that we shot in Oakland, CA. This photoshoot couldn't have been possible without the help of creatives: Nisha @nishahiran (MUA), Zuri @zuringilbus (Stylist), and Kimberly @kimberlyannehiggins (Model) so make sure you to check out their feeds as well!....The concept for this shoot was low key spontaneous because, well it was a test shoot, but the theme of love seemed appealing at that moment, which is the title for this story "Looking for Love".

Today’s blog question of the week is: What does love mean to you? How would you describe it from your own experience? / To me, love is indescribable, it’s something you can’t just look for, it has to come to you. ❤️

Hope you liked the photos I shared with you today, I’ll try to update this blog as frequent as possible with more similar type of content. If you have any comments, articles you want more of,  let me know if know in the comments below. 

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