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Photo & Film Studio for rent - Los Angeles

Hi! In case you didn't know, yes earlier this year we opened up our first Photo & Film studio in Los Angeles. It's been a long road to get here, I always wanted to have a Photo studio of my own and now this year we made it possible! Our photo studio is enormous, with over 1100 sqft, we're located in the Fashion District near DTLA. Our space is not only for me and my clients to use it for our photoshoots and videoshoots, but I've also made it accessible so that other creatives and professionals can rent it for their own creative use. Our photo studio is fully equipped, has multi sets, make up station, wardrobe section, lounge area, accessible bathroom, elevator, etc.... Yes, we have monthly and hourly rentals available too! ....Check out some photos below:

As you can see we have many creative sets available, it wasn't easy getting all of this done, like everything in life it takes passion, dedication, and energy... still there's nothing quite like seeing your vision come alive, specially when you start out with nothing and all you have left is an idea. As of now we're currently renting out our studio space at $30 p/h for all creatives, photographers, and filmmakers in the Los Angeles area, we also have monthly memberships available. I created this space to support our creative community, and to create great work in it. Feel free to check out the many positive reviews and more booking details on the listing website below: Any questions or details just let us know!

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