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Portraits Photography Special - Los Angeles

Hi!! Hope you're doing great, it's been a very busy year for us since we opened up our Studio in LA earlier this year. In honor of our 6 month opening anniversary, we're offering an amazing Portraits/Headshots package deal for the month of July and August. If you ever wanted to take your brand to the next level, this is your chance.

We have 3 limited offers available, these packages are ideal for professionals, models, artists, actors, business owners, and entrepreneurs looking to create a quality image that represents their brand.

PORTRAITS PACKAGE #1 "THE UPDATE" - $300 Normally priced at $500. This package includes 2 looks, 4 retouched images, 1 hour of studio time, and complete access to all the original 100+ photos. This package is ideal for people looking to update their portrait image online.


Normally priced at $900. This package guarantees you 4 looks, 6 retouched images, up to 2 hours of studio time, and complete access to all the original photos.


Normally priced at $1,500. This package provides you with up to 7 looks, 14 edits, up to 4 hours of combined studio/outdoors time, and complete access to all the original photos. This package is guaranteed to get you set up for success, our previous clients have gone on to sign onto great Agencies and eventually do work for major magazines and brands. If you're an Artist or Content creator, this is also a great way to create content that you can use for months to come.

As you can see, the quality of our work really speaks for itself... if you're serious about your career and your brand, there's no better time to invest in yourself than now. This offer is available only for a limited time, feel free to reach out to us with more details about your goals below:

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